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Everyday manageability of your
processes and frameworks to
ensure smart, simple solutions
for your business.

Our managed services offer you solutions for your specific technological needs. Technical proficiency, service dependability and versatility of products provided by multiple local and global service providers ensure optimal business outcomes.

Reduce your overhead costs and increase your business’s efficiency through one of our many managed services.

Collaborative and productivity managed services give your business a dynamic edge, modifying as your organisational needs occur offered to you in a complete package.




Analysing business operations plays a key role in determining financial priorities both for the present and future. At NBS we aim to provide accurate analysis ensuring your business’ growth. Providing you with accurate analysis by way of revising business operations, identifying your financial reporting needs, and prioritising your financial outcomes, we at NBS aim to equip your business with customized journaling and multiplicative processes tools. Cloud technology, AI and cognitive computing manage the varying capacity of information your company is required to process, reducing costs resulting in a streamlined, profitable enterprise.

Finance & Accounting

Through integration of robotic process automation, analytics and artificial intelligence we help you achieve business compliance, effective enactment and your own business outcomes. All your accounting practices such as monthly bookkeeping, storing monthly reports, maintaining invoices, expense reports, bank statements and processing all payments are taken care of through our financial and accounting services. This process will help you eliminate all unnecessary practices, managing all processes through our global network. We understand that your data is of utmost importance therefore we provide uncompromising secure services that meet stringent global auditing and data protection standards. Our accounting and financial services lead to reductions in operational costs, improved revenue, provide professional support for all complex regulatory requirements and augment customer fulfilment.

Governance & Compliance

The corporate world is not the only industry in which technological migration is required to enhance business practices guaranteeing the satisfaction of the customer. The public sector plays an important role in protecting sensitive information of citizens. Transferring this information to a digital platform is often accompanied by security issues, management of extensive databases as well as the digitization and automation of necessary processes. NBS offers solutions that accelerate your organisation’s digital transition without compromising data transfers. Allow for more user-friendly transactions and efficient processes that will save you time and money. Maintain world-class city or country status and improve on customer services using our governance and compliance systems.

Human Capital

Although the world seems to be moving towards a more technological avenue of management, human capital remains the fundamental aspect of any enterprise as it is often human capital that drives an organisation. At NBS we provide the necessary support to find and manage a motivated and skilled workforce, revealing your human capital value. Our solutions give you the freedom to reap the financial benefits of an efficient workforce without the administrative hassle.

Information Technology

NBS offers the latest technological services customised to suit the management of your business’ infrastructure. These services include Cloud Technology, IT systems and management, application and management solutions, computer installation and maintenance, database management, server management, SOS, system integration and management as well as virtualization technologies and services. Update, transform and manage your infrastructure, capitalizing on effective efficiency.


Technological application results in the automation of large parts of the procurement process. This means that your procurement processes are more accurate, diminishing financial and time expenses. Remain apprised of price fluctuations and threshold levels through all services providers, finding solutions that increase business profit and eliminate unnecessary expenditure. NBS analyses your organisational needs, preparing and processing your requirements through rigorous research and selection making processes. Through this research and selection, we assist in precise decision making, benefiting from the most cost effective suppliers and ensuring procurement compliance.


Across varying industries, companies are being forced to migrate to technological solutions. In conjunction with your attorneys, our experienced industry professionals help with identifying, planning and executing your goal-oriented projects adhering to current rules and regulations. Monitor and understand the impact of regulatory demands through timeous feedback and optimise your workforce by providing updated information. Procure clarity of the intricacies of industry jargon and a-typical contractual language that may cause reputable harm to your organisation.


Research plays a key role in gaining a competitive advantage in a cutthroat industry. More emphasis has been placed on obtaining accurate research that will enhance business’ capabilities. Through AI and progressive technologies and industry experts, NBS offers you solutions to improve your research capacities, minimizing costs and reducing labour-intensive efforts. Gain the upper hand with reliable, accurate and efficient research technologies designed to grow, augment and propel your business.


Although it is important to advance your business and its processes through technological implementations, it is equally important to provide your team with the skills they need to cope with technological transformation. Here at NBS, we provide customised, on-job training guaranteeing the transfer of knowledge that equips your workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge required to transform alongside progressive technologies.







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