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Our cloud services increase efficiency, establish business renewal and lower costs. Reduce business risks using our accessible, secure and proficient frameworks to evaluate mitigating factors such as fluctuation in markets. Our Cloud Services are comprised of leading, up-to-date software and hardware, virtualisation suited to your business’ needs and operating system software as well as cloud management. Mastered from either our data centre or yours, our cloud management system encompasses resource provisioning, administrative solutions, billing and production all from our managed delivery platform.

Cloud technology promotes the acceleration and continuous development of your business by discovering new niches in the market and adjusting your product placement to better suit your customer’s needs simultaneously achieving cost reduction. Our innovative cloud solutions place strategic emphasis on security, performance, convenience, and unified assimilation. Business can now make immediate changes to the organization making use of the clouds unique ability to draw on multiple data resources to draw conclusions and find solutions in a fraction of the time.



Microsoft Cloud Services

Through the Microsoft Azure platform, your business will reap the benefits of integrated computing services across a wide range of functions. Capitalise on Microsoft security, privacy, transparency and compliance.

Cloud Backup

Cloud back-up gives you protection of all your data through a viable, expendable and cost efficient solution. Cloud back-up can be carried out on various operating systems and is accessible through servers in our cloud, on premises, externally or through a managed hosting environment. Provide sufficient digital storage space for your workload through Cloud technology.

Cloud Services for SAP

Combined with our managed services, we aim to provide and deliver secure, adjustable, expansive, easily accessible cloud-based framework with extensive data recovery in the event of an emergency. We offer comprehensive support that extends across the SAP environment. Plan, implement, run and maintain SAP Enterprise Applications.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Enterprise Private Cloud is the effortless, economical way to upgrade operational productivity and performance through a secure and reliable cloud service that is uniquely designed to suit your business’ needs. Our services include supplementing your data centre into the cloud, utilizing existing systems and frameworks as well as the barring of internet access. Transform your IT potential our Enterprise Private Cloud and Managed Services.

Managed Hosting

Our managed hosting services are designed to distribute business operations, lowering costs and contributing toward an improved customer experience. We provide managed hosting that is uncompromisingly secure, of unprecedented quality and executed timeously.

Provider and Community Cloud

Benefit and boost your brand through expertly designed software and all-inclusive white branding facilities, realized through cloud technology, reducing costs and improving productivity. Our provider and cloud community services fulfil the needs of clients who aim to use progressive technologies for the succession and sustainability in an expeditious digital economy.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud computing provides extendable, IT-enable proficiencies as a secure service. Using public cloud services reduces costs and promotes the sharing of resources while giving you access to an array of technologies and applications.

Carrying out initiatives becomes an easy task through cloud technology management which gives you access to a myriad of resources as well as the relevant technology needed to implement suggested changes. Cloud technology enhances the flow of data between you and the customer, compiling information from countless databases and communication platforms making for proficient data analysis. Structured or unstructured, big or small, cloud technology evaluates all data in seconds assisting in the expansion of future markets ensuring that your business not only evolves but remains sustainable in an ever-changing economy.

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